New Patients

We are delighted to welcome new patients to Ballybunion Dental Care.

Appointments can be requested by phone, email or through our website.

At your initial dental health check your dental history and individual needs will be discussed and you will be offered informed options to improve not only your dental health but also your overall general health.

Our 10 step dental health check includes:

You will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire to help identify any general health factors that may affect your dental health or potential treatments that may be offered.

A comprehensive oral cancer screening will be carried out examining the glands around your neck, facial skin, lips, tongue, cheeks, palate and floor of mouth.

Your external jaw joints and muscles will be assessed. The regular occurrence of headaches and migraines is often closely related to these.

The bite contacts of your teeth will be checked for any abnormalities that may potentially cause problems.

The health of your gums will be checked as healthy foundations are essential for keeping teeth for a lifetime.

Your teeth will be checked for any signs of decay, wear, erosion or cracks.

Your fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures will be examined to ensure they are stable and healthy.

We enquire about how happy you are with the appearance of your smile and carry out a smile analysis if you are anxious to make cosmetic improvements.

X-rays may be required at regular intervals to ensure the areas inside, between and underneath your teeth are healthy.

Photographs will be taken to help diagnose and monitor your dental health.